NKH 100 Mile Challenge

A month long, virtual challenge! July 2024

Get moving with the NKH 100 Mile Virtual Challenge

100 Miles along the Thames Path – Streatley to Sea! Walk, run, cycle, swim, dance – you choose! Anyone, anywhere can participate. All you need is a smartphone. All proceeds raised go towards NKH Research.

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Anyone can participate, anywhere in the world!
Get access to the 100 Mile Virtual Challenge Hub
Log your steps/distance
London Walk Meetup (for those that fancy) last weekend in July

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All funds go to The Mikaere Foundation
(Charity #1200720) to support NKH Research
done by Prof. Nick Greene at UCL

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How it works:

1. You register with us! You agree to fundraise at least £100 for NKH Research – you can either pay it up front, or add a justgiving page to our team campaign.

2. You’re added to our NKH 100 Mile mission! We’ll email you with everything you need to get started, including dates and app links. You’ll need to download the My Virtual Mission App (available on iOS and Android).

3. The challenge kicks off on the 1st of July – across the month you log your steps, runs, dances (you do you!) on the app, and you’ll see your little icon move along the course.

4. You aim to move 100 miles across the month of July, that’s 7,000 steps a day. You can do it!

5. On the last weekend of July (Saturday 27th July), we’ll do a (completely optional) IN-PERSON walk around Battersea Park, in London. A chance to get some extra steps in!

6. We send all the raised funds to NKH Research, woo!

The Cause

We’re raising money for NKH Research

About NKH

NKH (Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia) is a rare and terminal metabolic disorder in children. It’s rare, there are less than 40 kids living with NKH in the UK. At this point, there is no effective treatment. We’re raising funds to change that.

All proceeds go to the Mikaere Foundation to raise funds for the NKH Research done by Dr Nick Greene as part of UCL. He’s currently the world leader in NKH research, and we’re determined to give the research team the best shot at finding a cure for NKH.

For more on NKH, please visit www.foundationnkh.org.

About Mikaere

Mikaere (or Kai, if it’s easier to pronounce) is a child with NKH. Because NKH is terminal and treatment options are limited every day is precious. His family are doing everything they can to give Mikaere the best quality of life they can.

You can follow their story at www.teammikaere.com, on ig @teammikaere.com or at facebook.com/teammikaere

The (Virtual) Course

100 miles/160km along the Thames Path

From Sea to Streatley
Start: The Thames Barrier
Finish: Streatley